• 2018 Oustanding Students' Profile

    My name is Angelica Callysta Viera. People call me Viera. I was born in Semarang, 29th July 2003. So now I'm 15 years old. I study in 21 JHS grade 9. I will have the final examination soon. I live in Gaharu street no.31.

    I never thought to be awarded as an outstanding student. So, I was shocked and very happy. Also, I will make my parents proud of me.

    I love English since elementary school. I really enjoy English lesson in mu school. I always enlarge my vocabulary by reading English story, do some English task, and also speak in English with my friends in school. But the best place to maintain my English is LIA of course.

    Hola everyone! My name is Fatih Husnaa Ersandra, y'all can call me Una or Husnaa. I'm 13 years old. Now I’m 8th grade. I was born in Semarang, December 5th 2004. I live in Gergaji 1 Street number 1C. Now, I study at Junior High School 2 Semarang. 

    I'm happy, little bit proud, but also confused when I was awarded as an outstanding student. Not only me, I guess. My parents also felt the same way like I did :D . This is the 4th times I have been awarded as an outstanding student. I'm very thankful for teachers, friends, and everyone who always support me until now. And I'm very grateful to God because I can still get this chance.

    I love English. I really enjoy English since Elementary School. I like to watch movies, read books, listen to music in English. And yes, I really love to study English in LIA. LIA is the best place ever for studying English! <3 span="">


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