• My First Paragliding Activity

    Last Sunday, I took my boyfriend to accompany me paragliding at Denmark’s tiny beach. At the end of a broken road, my paragliding trainer started to help me wearing the harness, preparing the wing, and launching the parachute. I began to jump and felt the fresh wind which blew through my hair. My parachute moved as the wind blew to a certain direction. My feet felt the grass’ dry texture. I saw a clear bright blue sky on the horizon. The sea looked so blue and the smell of the sea could be smelled from such long height. I looked at some people waving at me, then I waved them back. I continued to focus on my paragliding activity. Sometimes, when I saw a traffic sign, I jumped onto it so I could fly even higher. After some minutes, I spent my time looking through the light house. I hopped when my left foot stepped on the light house’s roof. I was quite hypnotized by the landscape of the whole beach until I didn’t realize that the sky turned into purple-orange color. While enjoying myself rotating and spinning through the sky, I slowly glided my parachute down to the broken road. I carefully put my feet onto the ground, thus making my paragliding activity session ended. It was quite fun and I hope someday I could visit Denmark again.

    Written by Safila Anggraeni

    HI2/ Term2/ 2018

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