• Lia English Competition 2017

    To celebrate 58th anniversary of LIA, all branches and affiliates held some competitions. The competitions were: Show and Tell for English for Children class, Story Telling for English for Teens class, and Pecha Kucha presentation for English for Adults class and Conversation Class.

    In Lia Semarang Candi, the competition was held on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Starting at 13.00, all participants from all extensions gathered in Veteran Kavling 1, Semarang. Some of them were accompanied by their parents, relatives, and friends. Not only the participants who were ready, the judges were ready in their posts. Show and Tell was held in front of Lia, the café to be, Story Telling was located in administration lobby, and Pecha Kucha competition took place in Room 302.

    Before the competition, Pak Bambang Sulistyo, as the head of affiliate, opened by giving opening speech. He motivated all the participants to do their best in the competition. The first winners of all competition categories will represent the affiliate for National competition that will be held in December 2017.

    The competition ended at about 14.00. The judges announced the winners. Happy faces met some disappointing faces after the announcement. Yet, they have another chance to join in the next competition.

    The following are the winners from each category:

    Show and Tell (EC 1-3)
    1. Katarina Aira
    2. Fakhri Azka
    3. Carissa Nuanda Dewi

    Show and Tell 4-6
    1. Faylasufa AS
    2. Annasa Awwal Afdolu
    3. Stefanus Abinawa

    Story Telling
    1. Evam Rafif Rheswara
    2. Fairuzita H. R
    3. Shinta Wahyu

    Pecha Kucha Competition
    1. Rafida Khairani
    2. Dhifa Rahma
    3. Fauzi Erlangga

    Congratulations for the winners.

    For all participants, thank you for joining. You did a great job.


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