Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Shoes

Written by: Maurizka Ardea N. P

                   Satria T . V. A

There is a a poor boy who wears a pair of broken shoes in a park. When he walks around the park, he meets a rich kid who wears a pair of good shoes. The poor boy gets away from the rich kid, feeling jealous. He wishes that he can be the rich kid so that he can wear good shoes. A miracle happens. The poor kid becomes the rich kid, and vice versa. But then the rich kid realizes the fate of the rcih kid. He cannot walk. He is very shocked, but the rcih kid is very excited because he can run even though he wears ugly shoes

Morale of the story:
·         We should be grateful for what we have because there are many other people who are under us and they want to be like us.
·         Expectation is always same with reality.
·         Don’t judge someone from the outside

The story was taken from the following video


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