Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Spirit That Never Ends

Written by Farra

Higher intermediate 2/ 2016

My sister was a skilled young gymnast. Too bad that her injury when she was twelve years old made her unable to do gymnastics anymore. I still remember how bad her injury was. When she fell from the gymnastic pole, she screamed so hard that everyone had to look at what happened. Bad choice. It was such a frightening sight that some people always vomited at the sight of it. Apparently, she landed on her arms when she fell and she fractured both of her arms. She was then taken to the hospital while in unconscious. Unfortunately, the road to the hospital was still under construction because of last week's earthquake. They had to take another route that was 5 km farther. Because it's the only route left to go downtown, my sister ambulance was trapped in a traffic jam. One and a half hour later, they arrived in the hospital and my sister was immediately taken to surgery room. The doctors were able to save sister's live, but her hands were already dead and had to be amputated. My sister was really depressed after that. But fortunately, she was able to adapt and cope with her disability. She  already had more than enough knowledge about gymnastic before the accident happened and she decided to share her knowledge by publishing a book called "Gymnastic for Amateurs". She also became a motivational speaker in a famous university in my city.


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