• The new Korean Restaurant

    Written by Salsabella
    Higher Intermediate 2/ 2016

    Eating at a seafood restaurant near my house was quite an experience. I went to the restaurant two weeks ago along with my cousin. It was her treat, so she let me choose the menu to my heart content.

    To be honest, I was kind of afraid to choose a new menu from a restaurant I've never been to. Bu since my cousin was gonna pay the food, I chose the menu which was not really expensive, but looked unique. I chose seafood sukiyaki with samgaetang (Korean dish) soup.

    When the food was served, both of us were surprised. There were squids, octopus, shrimps, fish cakes, oysters, sea squirt and abalone. But the big octopus in the middle of the pot was still alive. The others were still fresh. Were wondering how to eat them.

    Right after that, a waitress came with a table stove and a big bowl full of soup. She turned on the stove, put the bowl above it and put all the ingredients inside. As soon as the soup boiled, the octopus died. We cut its tentacles using scissors. This perhaps sounds cruel, but this is how Korean people eat seafood suki.

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