Monday, November 7, 2016

Religion Makes Children Less Altruistic

Written by Farra Fiessta Bhumi Gathary
Higher Intermediate 2/ 2016

According to a new study, religious people are less altruistic and meaner than secular people. The man’s reason for this theory is that secular people are more likely to be concerned about what other people are thinking of them. This happens because of the in-group out-group mentality. Secular people often think that because they’re not in particular religion, other people will judge them harshly because they belong in their group (religion). His other reason stated that secular children were taught to do things for the sake of doing it. Meanwhile, children that were in a religious family were taught to do good things because if they don’t, they will be tortured forever after they die. Secular children were taught to do good deeds because it is correct, because religious people were threatened to do good deeds.

In my opinion, that is true. Religious people tend to be meaner towards people who have different beliefs from them. Take an example from Indonesians. Indonesians are really strict with beliefs. They often can’t accept something that is against their belief. Take a homosexual matter as an example. Most religions are against the same sex sexual orientation. Most Indonesians are religious and they mostly don’t want to open their mind to that matter. Why? Wouldn’t it be just easier if they just support the gay rights? It’s not like they’ll turn to gay, too if they support gay rights. That’s why I agree with the man’s opinion. I think it is because religious people are too strict with their beliefs.

The writing is based on the following video about Altruism:


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