By Rafida Khairani
Intermediate 1/ 2016
Karimunjawa Island is an island which has ecological function as a mangrove conservation area. First, total of 300 ha of mangrove forest covers the national park. It has more than 30 species of mangrove. Not only mangrove forest, it also provides habitat to some endemic species including the mythical Dewandaru tree, Setigi, and Kalimasada. So, Karimunjawa has declared as one of the priority areas for the marine conservations biodiversity in Southeast Asia. Second, local people have unique treatment methods. They generally believe that the wood of the endemic dewandaru tree has a legendary power of curing diseases or snake bite wound, protecting houses from thieves, or prolonging life. Visitors may seem herbal treatment from the local people. Third, tourists will be served a beautiful journey in Karimunjawa mangrove forest. In fact, the tourists are allowed to participate reforestation mangrove areas. Moreover, along the thick mangrove forest, thery will be able to take a rest at a beautiful beach. But, tourists are forbidden to visit two zones which are places to do some researches. There are sanctuary zones and wilderness zone. In summary, Karimunjawa is not just a beach. It has a beautiful mangrove forest which is interesting to explore..

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