Would the world be a better place without technology?

Some people think that the development of technology has bad effects on society. In their point of view, the fast technology development may lead to the destruction of the society. If that happens, the whole society structure and norms will be broken and a new era will rise among the people.
I am strongly against it. In my opinion, technology is good for humanity because of many reasons. The faster development, the better. Technology development will create a better version of the previous invention in order to help humanity to survive. Technologies were meant to be made so that human will work more efficiently with the help of technology.

The first reason on why the world wouldn’t be a better place without technology is because people have already been strongly attached to it. You can’t just suddenly erase technology from the world. If you do that the humanity’s chance on survival will greatly decrease because most people nowadays can’t do anything without the help of technology. They were born with technologies around them twenty-four hours a day. You still can’t erase technology from the world although you do it slowly because the people will protest and there will be riots everywhere. That will happen because having technologies is one of people’s rights and they will fight for it. They will fight for what they think is justice for them, and that is done by getting their right back.

Humans are social beings and they need to interact with each other to sustain their happiness and sanity in order to survive. Technology is one of so many ways for people to connect with other people. In fact, it is the most used way to interact with other people anywhere on this earth where we live in. If technology is gone, it will take some time just to ask other persons how they’re doing.
The last reason is without technology, activities and work will get harder because there’s no technology to help lighten the works. Works like producing something in massive numbers will be very hard with just using human’s power.

In short, I think, the world wouldn’t be a better place without technology because technology helps humanity survive and connect with each other.

Written by Farra Fiesta Bumi Gathary

Higher intermediate 2/term 4/2016

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