• Don’t make you suffer by yourself

    (picture from Google)

    by Fikri

    Someday, someone lives in a hut in the middle of the forest named Arc. Arc likes hunting to feed himself and swim above the waterfall. But, it will not happen … again. Witch from Black Kingdom came to the forest and make it die. Now the forest is black and there is no life signal. Just Arc.
    Then The Witch curses the forest and makes the people (before cursed) to be her followers. The mushroom become big and evil, and many, many evil in there. Arc who just one and only live in there, doesn’t know how to flee from the curse, and how to make it ‘life’ again. Arc thinks he will relive it with one solution: kill the witch.
    Before he kills the witch, Arc hunts birds, wolves, and mushrooms that are not cursed. In one month, Arc can build a Kingdom. His followers are truants (?) (from tree that gives potion) with living sword. Arc plans that day to revenge the forest.
    But the witch just intrudes the Arc kingdom. Arc and his army cannot refuse to defend his Kingdom.
    “But they have many armies before us!”
    “Don’t worry, we will win this battle”

    Because of the support from Arc. The Treants army have spirited fight to win the battle. In a year, the battle is not over yet. The two sides, The Witch Army and Arc Army run out of the food and they all become angry and become cannibal. There are two people left after the Cannibalism Arc and The Witch.
    “F*CK you ugly WITCH!”
    “And then …?”
    “I will kill you now!”
    It’s a very intense fight between Arc and The Witch.
    “I will put you to this Magic Ball!”
    “But … NO!!”
    And then Arc put into Magic Ball.
    “At last I win!! Hahahahah …!”

    The Witch feels so happy and she laughs very loudly. Time by time the laugh of The Witch makes her suffer and die.

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