• Regret

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    by Angel Debora

    ‘We don’t want you to be that kind of boy, Louis.’ Mother says. ’But why, Mom?’ Louis asks. Mother doesn’t answer. ‘You prohibit me to reach my goals but you don’t tell me the reason. That’s just so rude, Mom.’ Louis says. ‘Sadly, I’m not rude, Louis. You just don’t understand.’ Mother says. ‘Tell me then.’ Louis shouts. She looks surprised of the way he says and then she starts to cry. He regrets what he does to his mom and then leaves the room.

    While Louis is walking to his bedroom, he stops in front of his parents’ bedroom’s door which is open. He enters the bedroom. He sees old newspaper on the bed. He’s curious about it. So, he reads it and he gets shocked for what he sees. He reads that “A 17-year-old boy was killed while he was throwing a Rock n Roll concert.’

    ‘What are you doing, Louis?’ mother asks shockingly. ‘I – I – I’m so sorry, Mom, I mustn’t yell at you.’ Louis says guiltily. ‘It’s okay, sweetheart. I mustn’t prohibit you too. You can reach your goals, I will support you, love.’ Mother says happily. ‘Really?’ he says surprisingly. ‘Definitely, yes. ’Father says happily. Many years later, Louis and his band becomes the most famous band in the world.

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