• Teaching months of the year to EC classes

    The topic of teaching calendar or months of the year to EC classes is not that difficult. However, the problem is to provide various activities to the students that won’t make them bored, and more importantly, make them sit still :D . the book itself has provided various activities, including reading about what people from different countries celebrate their independence day, or have their holidays. Since the topic of months related to people from countries is relatively new to students, so I don’t really expose them with it. I drilled whatever provided by the book. Instead, I gave them more local topics related to celebrations such as Kartini Day, Indonesia Independence Day, Hero Day, Education Day, etc. Another problem came up was to review the months of the year. Therefore, I tried to browse searching for available printed copy. And look what I’ve got. Thanks to Google and people who uploaded them :D

    You can copy the activities below, and use them according to what you need. You can use them for eliciting, checking their spelling, or skills practice, or you can soar the activities.

    Good luck



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