• A Beautiful Sunset in Bali

    Picture from Google

    Written by M. Rifky Fajriansyah 
    HI3/ Term 2/ 2016 

    Enjoying sunset on a beach is one of the most beautiful things you can do. It was in Bali in 2012. I had a vacation with my family. We stayed there for about 5 days. On the first day, we just arrived there so we didn’t walk around much. We were at the hotel, preparing for vacation tomorrow. We went to Tanjung Benoa island on the next day. It was a full day playing time. On the evening, we sat down on the sand of Kuta beach. We enjoyed sunset at that time. At night, we walked around along the seaside, the wind was so strong and we liked the situation of the beach. On the third day, we went to Uluwatu enjoying Kecak dance and after that we went to Goa (actually I forgot the name). It is a place used by people for worshipping. Then we came to the hotel and we enjoyed sunset again. The last day before checking out the hotel, we went to the shopping center like Joger then we had meal at a restaurant that was very famous and on the evening we were enjoying sunset for the last time. The next morning, we had to be at the airport. I think, it is always amazing to see sunset in Bali.

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