• Meteor Shower? (A brain teaser story)

    Written by Rida and Itsna (ET 12 - Term 4/2015)

    Matt and Velice were having a conversation in the class.
    "How long did it happen? " Velice asked Matt.
    "It is just a while, i think," he answered.
    "Aaahhh... that's a waste! I should have watched it, too," sighed Velice.
    Suddenly, Rina showed up.
    "Here, hey, Rina! Come here, just join us," Velice asked her to join.
    Rina joined them, and seconds after that, Matt continued to tell them about what he was telling them, the Meteor Shower.
    "Did you watch the meteor shower last night? "
    Rina had not answered yet, but Matt interrupted her.
    "I watched it, you know, with my new telescope on the balcony at 9.00 PM in Jakarta, the same time as the astronomers did in Hawaii. Isn't that cool?"
    "Fantastic! " exclaimed Velice, full of admiration.
    Matt and Velice went on and on with meteor shower thing, while Rina observed Matt's story.
    "Wait!" Both Matt and Velice looked at Rina with a questioning glance. "When did Meteor shower happen in Hawaii?"
    Matt rolled his eyes, "I told you, it happened at 9.00 PM".
    "And you said that you watched it in Jakarta at 9.00 PM, too?"
    "Awww.... seriously, Rina," sighed Matt. "Yes!"
    Rina held her chin high towards Matt, and said, "Do you know that Jakarta's local time is 5 hours ahead off Hawaii's local time?"
    Rina continued talking sarcastically, "So, it's impossible if you watched it in the same time in Hawaii"
    Matt was speechless....

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