Book Review: Bumi by Tere Lye

Reviewed by Adinda Delia (ET 10- Term 4/ 2015)

Can you imagine if this world had 4 clans? Matahari vlan, Bumi vlan, Bintang clan, and Bintang clan. And can you imagine, too, if you could disappear only by covering your face with your hand? Would you think this is awesome? Or even scary?

Raib is a normal 15-year-old-girl. She has a funny dad, a kind-hearted mother, and also 2 cats. She is only a usual 10th grader with not too many friends. But she has a secret that she had been keeping since she was a little. She has an ability to disappear only by covering her face with both of her hands. One day, she gets lost in a place that she is unfamiliar with together with her friends, Seli and Ali. Want to know about her adventure in that place? Find out on Bumi by Tere Liye.

This book is really page turning and has a lot of fantasy. For you who like adventurous books, this novel is highly recommended. I think this book has similar genre as Narnia and Harry Potter. So, if you are into that kind of genre, you have to read this.

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