by Amel Nuha
ET 12/ Term 4/ 2015

 Olive knows what happened. She runs quickly. She calls Jack loudly.
"I want to tell you something, Jack." She says.
"What is it?" Jack replies with a curious look.
 Jack is really confused. And he is also curious. She needs his help. No one can help her. He is the only one who can help and understand her.
    "I can help you !" Jack says. He is really excited about what Olive just says. "Thanks, Jack. I know I can count on you." She replies. He is happy to hear that.
   The next day, They prepare everything. They go to the crime scene. They search for clues. And they find a clue. But he still can't believe what happened.
  They ask the witness of the accident. He is the guy that works with Olive's father. "Your father was a nice person, but he changed. He killed my friend." The guy says.
 "What ?! Why did he do that ?" Olive asks.
"Because he hated my friend." The guy replies.
  "Well, Thank you for the information, sir." Olive says with disappointment.
 "No problem, at all.." The guy replies. Jack is really confused and curious. Olive believes the guy and she can't believe her father. "Do you believe him ?" Jack asks Olive.
 "Of course ! My father broke my heart." Olive replies.
 "I don't think you should believe him. We should ask your father." Jack says.
  "No way ! I don't want to visit him in the police office." Olive refuses to visit her father.
 "We have to know the truth. I think your father is innocent." Jack says.
 "Fine. But I won't be asking him." Olive says.
 "Okay, I'll ask him." Jack says.

  They go to the police office and Jack meets Olive's father.
"Hello, Mr. Watson." Jack greets him.
"Well. Hello, Johnson." He greets Jack.
 "Can I ask you something ?" Jack asks.
"Yes. Is it about the accident ?" He replies.
"Yes, it is. Tell me the truth about the story, please." Jack says.
  "Well, I don't exactly remember. But I remember, my work partner told me that my family was going to be murdered. He said that his friend was going to murder my family. I was so shocked to hear that and he suggested me to kill his friend." He says.
  "And what did you say to him ?" Jack asks.
 "I said no to him. It would be crazy if I killed his friend. And after that, I don't exactly remember. The only thing I remember is, he took me somewhere and he said something. After that, I was caught by the police officers for no reason. Everyone hated me, my family didn't want to see me, and my little Olive was so disappointed." He replies.
  Jack thinks for a little while and he finally gets the answer. "Thank you, Mr. Watson." Jack says. "You're welcome, Johnson. Can you tell Olive that I'm sorry for everything ? And tell her I love her." He says.
"Sure, Mr. Watson." Jack says.
 "Thank you, Jack." He thanks Jack with a smile.
  Jack runs quickly. And he tells Olive everything. "I can't believe it ! That guy can't be trusted." She says. "I think that's the most possible reason since your father can't remember everything in details." He says. "Thank you for everything, Jack." She thanks him with a smile. She is really happy to hear everything he says about her father.
"Glad I can help." He says with a happy face. After that, Olive usually visits her father in the police office.
  But the truth behind the victim is still unknown.

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