CSR Program: Book Donation 2015

In this end of year 2015, we finally did our second CSR program, that is, Book Donation for Sahabat Tenggang Community. For almost 6 months, teachers and staff promoted this program to students to donate their second-hand books. All teachers urged the students in class to donate books, any books, as long as it’s not text books from school. Comics, magazines, novels were welcome to be donated. Unfortunately, some students donated their text books without teachers’ notice. In this case, these books were put aside especially those text books with some notes inside. 

On the Day day, December 23, 2015, some teachers went to Sahabat Tenggang Community located Kaligawe Dusun Tenggang, RT 05 RW 07, Kelurahan Tambak Rejo, Kecamatan Gayamsari, Semarang. Mr. Sudiasto, the leader of the Community welcomed us. A week before, we already gave notification that we would visit the place. That’s why, some volunteers of the community were present there, too, welcoming us. 

Mr. Sudiasto told us that the community accommodated about 80 children from their neighborhood. It started around 3 years ago from a small place in one the neighborhood. For some reasons, the place was relocated to Mr. Sudiasto’s house up to present.  Monday and Friday are days for the activity for teaching and learning for the children. On those days, some volunteers accompany them, teaching them some subjects or help them do homework. There are about 30 active volunteers for the time being coming from various universities in Semarang. Besides giving them education, those volunteers also have some outdoor activities such as visiting mangrove forest, doing reforestation towards the environment around them, etc. Furthermore, they also proposed some companies to support their activities including Central Java local government. 
Overall, we were happy to get a chance to visit this community, meeting some benevolent people, enthusiastic college students who show their concern towards people who need them. We learned a lot from them. We wish we could do more that donating some books, some day. 

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