He 's Finally Here

Meilin was sitting on an old bench in front of the school library. She was waiting for Sam to return h errr book. The school library looked very creepy. Actually Meilin was very afraid while waiting for Sam. She waited for Sam anxiously. She didn't know there was a person who looked at her from a distance.


"Don't forget to bring it tomorrow", Meilin reminded Sam. She lent  her history book to him. And she asked him to bring it tomorrow because the book was due the day after. But, Meilin didn't know if Sam was listening or not since he was listening to music in his gadget.


Meilin kept checking her watch. "It's 1.40! Oh, my God! The library is close at 2.00. Where is Sam? Argh! If he comes later, I'll kill him!" fumed Meilin.  she kept looking right and left. She got a goosebumps. She felt she was watched from a distance. Suddenly,  someone touched hr shoulder...
"Aaaakkkkkk!! Who is that!!!" Meilin screamed in a shock.
She didn't have a courage to look back. Herveyes began to redden and she cried. Behind, there was a laughter of a boy.
" Hahahaha, I made it to tease you. Don't worry it's just me. I just want to return your book" it turned out it was Sam.
"Sam, are you insane. I hate you!Givee me my book and get out of my sight" snapped Meilin.
Looking how furious Meilin was, Sam started to weep. He never thought that his joke could make her fume. He pleaded to her. Realizing what time it was, they started to cry together since the clock ticked to 2.00 sharp !

Written by Rafida Khairani
Amadea Vaskallya
ET 10/ Term 4/ 2015

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