Post Cards, Anyone?

By Ms/ Lala
Living in this era is probably lured by any instant things. Just name any things in our life now: Messaging, shopping books, any kinds of entertainment, all in instant access. People who used to live in 80s or 90s might miss some things like sending message to relatives or friends in handwriting form or just wait for postman to drop by. Shopping can be done in instant way, too. Just sit relax on your desk while browsing internet. Just the things you want to buy, click buy and pay, and the next day, your shopping is sent to you. Books. Remember bringing a lot of books to school or campus, with thick dictionary that would make your back hurt.

From the idea, I try to persuade my students to literally send post cards to their friends. I took one unit from ET 6 book, Star 2, about things in post office. Guess what? Many of them don’t have any experience to go to post office. Well, I can’t blame them if they don’t have anything to do there, why should they go there? But, as a teacher, I think this is a good way to introduce the way their parents and their grandparents send message in the past. Knowing the vocabulary in the post office is not enough if they don’t experience how to do it.

The unit was discussed during Ramadhan month. I already instructed them to ask their friends’ address before Lebaran day. I expected that the sending would take a week or so so they had something to look forward to during Lebaran holiday. Unfortunately, looking for the post card itself took sometime for the students. A lot of excuses were given here and there. After Lebaran, some of them who were absent were confused what to do with the task. Well, I had to explain once again. One things that made burst into laugh was that they didn’t know that they don’t need to put the post card into an envelope :D

After Lebaran, I checked if they had sent the post card or not. Some of them had but others didn’t know where to find the post card where they spent their holiday. Therefore, they tried to buy the post card in Semarang. Hmmm... I thought at first, I could show them the excitement of showing off the place where they spend their holiday in a form of post card, not the way they showed off by social media. After 5-6 weeks after the task, students finally got the post cards they were looking forward to. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. The delivery took some time, even more than a week. Out of 17 students, eight of them had got their post cards, the others were still anticipating it. Another problem is the tight schedule of their school. Some of them couldn’t deliver the post card by themselves, but their parents did so. So, the idea of experiencing going to post office, buying the post office material, attaching stamp were not complete. But the idea of sharing experience by post cards took place. 

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