• Tidal Flood Attack

    Water is vital to life. No animal or plant life and human can survive without it. The land will not yield without supply of adequate water. yet, the same water causes havoc and becomes a terror in the form of flood when the rivers overflow their banks due to excessive rain. In Jakarta, flood is something common that happen every year in all parts of the city. During rainy season, the rivers overflow and cause disastrous disaster which cause heavy destruction to life and property. The flood can also make it hard and impossible for everyone to do their activities,, for example: go to school or go to work. This is a very serious situation that needs to be overcome immediately.

    First, we need to ban people who throw their garbage to the river. This would allow the water to flow freely to the sea. Besides, the citizens can refresh their eyes because the rivers are clean. The width of the river banks can be expanded, allowing more space for the water.

    Another way to decrease the flood is reforestation. The more watersheds the more water stay in the soil and won't flow to the river. More advantage is tere will be more trees and that means more oxygen available. We can imagine how wonderful our environment will be.

    Jakarta has been consecutively splashed by flood since 2000. This is caused by shallow rivers, trash, and irresponsible people. The possible solutions is by digging the bottom of the river to get rid of trash and any other substances, build walls on the side of the rivers, plant trees, and charge big fine for people who throw the garbage to the river.

    Written by IvelAfra Sevira
    HI3/ 2015

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