• A Report of A Vintage Tour Challenge of Kotalama

    It was Sunday,June 7, D-day of our fieldtrip. It has been a loooongg time since we held the first fieldtrip to Singapore. Well, there were some small fieldtrips held for some ET 6 students, though , but that was a long time ago :D. So, after so long time having no such fun activities with students, we decided to have this vintage fieldtrip together with some students from our extension, LIA Banyumanik. We did something like amazing race by going around Kotalama and did some fun activities. 

     Students' activity in Polder Tawang

    First, we divided the students into groups of three or four. There were 21 students altogether. Most of them are high school students who live far away from the destination so only few of them have been to Kotalama. So, we think that this activity is good to let them know that Semarang, their hometown, has such assets to be promoted. First task was to gather some names of the buildings around Polder Tawang, complete blind map, count how many lamp posts around the Polder and take evidence on each building showing that they have been there by taking pictures in front of the historical building. One thing they cannot miss was to show off their teeth and eyes wide open in their pictures :D  

     Feel free to be narcistic in this free country :D

    After they finished their first task, they had to go to the next post, submitting their task and doing their next task. In the second post, Taman Sri Gunting, they had to show their competence in memorizing tongue twister. They worked in groups, each member had to whisper to each other then the last member was to write the sentence(s). As soon as they finished their task, they headed to the next post. Oya, before, they had to show the pictures taken to the teachers in charge in post 2.  

    Post 2: Tongue Twister line

     Students were to show off their pictures to the committee

    The next post, on Kedasih street, students were to count how many graffiti they found around the post and took some pictures there. Doing a lot of selfie was all they gotta do, and camera and tongsis were  to help them win the task :D. The following post was Marabunta. This is a historical place for Semarang since it was used for holding orchestras during Dutch occupation. Unfortunately, this building is not being used anymore, what I mean is, no particular companies or individuals use this building. That's why; the place looks dusty and old. Sometimes, some groups of people use this place to hold some events, such as reunion, celebration of something, or anything. Inside the building, it has a looking-like-upside-down-boat that used to function as a bar. Some stools are still standing there. According to the keeper of the building, Pak Roes, after Indonesia's Independence, Marabunta was used as MKL, Muatan Kapal Laut, but then it's no longer for the past few years. The students enjoyed looking around the place while taking pictures. We spent around 40 minutes there.  

     The majestic Marabunta

     Mr. rus, the key keeper of Marabunta, explaining the history of the building
    Students on one of the wide windows in Marabunta

    The last post was on Taman Srigunting. It is located next to the legendary Blenduk Church-the icon of Semarang, besides Tugu Muda. Here, students were to submit all the tasks from the first post to the last post. The teachers in charge would wrap up all the scores to be decided the winner of today's challenge.

    There was another destination to head to, that is, Art Gallery. This place is located right behind Taman Srigunting. Art Gallery is to show some paintings by painters. Last time I went there, there were a lot of amazing paintings that unfortunately I didn't really get the message :D. But this time, the Art Gallery had some pictures to display. On the first floor, most pictures were taken from the miserable disaster happened to Johar Market, public market that becomes one of the icons of Semarang. The fire burnt not only the stuff kept in Johar Market, but also the hope of the sellers there. It was really heartbreaking to see the pictures. The students looked quite enthusiastic walking around the gallery.   
     Students in the backyard of the gallery

    The last but not least stop was Lawangsewu, another old building located about 3 kilometers from Kotalama. The students got relaxed for a while, enjoying lunch and doing Dzuhur pray. After about an hour, they were gathered under a tree, introducing themselves and having some quiz. The questions were taken from the locations they had been to. They worked in groups. They were to make 'ringtone' to indicate before answering the questions. The winner was the one with 'meong-meong' ringtone :D. The committee seemed to torture the students longer :D. They were divided into 3 groups. This game was a very hilarious one. They were to make the longest line by using their stuff, any stuff, including themselves. They were running here and there, giving instructions among them, shouting hysterically for winning the game. And, the very last task was to make poster of Lawangsewu. They roamed around the building, getting ideas of what to draw. They got 25 minutes to finish it. Finally, we announced today's whole tasks winner. They were excited, even more after they got discount voucher for the next term. Yippieee...


     At 14.30, everyone headed home, bringing excitement yet tiresome. Well, see ya on the next fieldtrip, folks. :))


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