• The best advertisement

    An advertisement is necessary to promote something or inform the consumers about something. The advertising world has very strict rules and guidelines. Take an example: An ad shouldn't offend someone and contain profanity. The best advertisement is an ad that attracts a lot of people while keeping its non profanity.
    While making an ad, one should aware of the target demographic of the product. An ad with a serious tone would less likely attract children. It is necessary to create an ad accordingly. If you're going to make an ad about snack, it is recommended to make the ad a fun-themed one with a light atmosphere. If you're going to create an about TV show, you should show the interesting bits of the show. The type of an ad you're going to create will impact very heavily upon the sales of the product. You also should keep in mind about the details like the facial expressions, the wording of the script, etc. The demographic you attract also impacts pretty significantly on sales. A kid would less likely to buy the product if it's expensive, but an adult would most likely buy the product. Another thing to note is the purchase ability. You wouldn't make an ad about jewelry that attracts younger audience. These types of items should have an ad in a channel where adults would likely watch. The best advertisement should never have a profanity in it. If the ad the * word, it will likely be taken down. So, keep that in mind.

    The most elaborated ad is not always an assured way to the best advertisement. The simplest ad can also be it. The people are hard to predict and there are no exact ways to make the best advertisement for the audience decides which is the best advertisement.

    By: Gandhi Anindito
    Higher intermediate 3/2014

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