Words of Mouth is the Best Way of Advertising

Words-of-mouth is one of many kinds of advertising a product.  it naturally happens in daily basis , with or without people realizing. Words-of-mouth itself means a person telling his satisfaction after using a certain product to other individuals without getting paid. Most people tend to have bigger trust in words-of-mouth than other official advertisement of the product itself.  They usually don't have the urge tovtry the product themselves before some of their friends give recommendation for them to use the product.  in other words, words-of-mouth has a real evidence that is more preferablytrusted than only seeing the actual advertisement on TV, brochures and many more. As a result, after hearing their friends's satisfaction,  they will give the product a try, and if they feel satisfied,  they will spread the news to more people around them. Then, it indirectly helps increase the company's income.

  Take an example,  you have dark skin and you want to make it much brighter and prettier. Since there are already many products of hand body lotion provided. You are confused and you don't know which brand that will help to solve your problem and fits your skin the most. Rather than go searching to compare the pluses and minuses of couples of hand body lotion, you would better ask your friends for recommendation. The trust given is much bigger than watching the commercials on TV or go on trying all the lotion products one by one yourself. Then if you feel satisfied with the lotion,  you will spread the news to your friends and maybe you will buy the product frequently.

  In conclusion,  word-of-mouth is the best way of advertising because the trust given is bigger and more efficient. It helps a lot of products sales and it is also the easiest way to start advertise the product.  

Written by Wiem Khalifa
HI 3/ Term 4/2014

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