‘Copycat’ or ‘Inspired by’

The Macbook air ad is an ad that describes Macbook Air, its advantages and specifications. It takes pride in its size, weight, and battery capacity. It also says that it is the most purchasable Macbook. I personally don’t think I can make an ad similar to that. But nothing is impossible for IKEA.

IKEA comes with similar ad called the ‘2015 IKEA Catalog Bookbook’. It is fashioned like professional ad and very similar to the Macbook Air ad. As you know, IKEA is a home furnishing and decoration store. How come it made a similar ad to the tech company Apple’s Macbook Air? Well, it’s simple. The ‘2015 IKEA Catalog Bookbook’ is not a legitimate ad to begin with. It’s a parody a parody towards the Macbook Air. The point of Macbook Air ad is to help boost the sales and the prospective customers for its specification and overview of the product. And I think it works pretty well in terms of boosting the sales, otherwise it won’t be as popular. As for the point of catalog ad? Well, I think it was made for fun. It’s not about copycat, being inspired or plagiarism. It’s a parody. I think IKEA ‘s 2-15 Catalog Bookbook ad was made to mock Macbook Air ad. The parody comes with some similarities: the crew talk, the specification and even instructions. In my opinion, it certainly doesn’t boost the sale of the product itself because it’s free. However, it might help the sales of the furniture.

As I said before, I think IKEA made the ad a parody towards Apple on purpose. I can’t decide which ad is better because although the ads look similar, they are completely different. If the ad is about Macbook Air VS Windows ad, I can compare them and decide which is better. The Macbook Air ad is serious, on the contrary, IKEA ad is full of jokes
Written by Gandhi Anindito

HI3/ Term 4-2014

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