I bet everyone is familiar with this game. UNO is a typical card game that children love so much. For further  info about UNO, you can check out the following link to know how to do it. What I’d like to share here is using this game to teach some language practice to students.

    The topic I got when I applied this game was the use of comparison of as…..as  or is not as…….as. What I did first was teaching the pattern of the grammar. And then the students did the activity from the student book and the workbook. When I think that the students were capable enough to use as…..as, I assigned them to do the following:

    1. Distribute some pieces of paper to students.
    2. Write down some categories on the board. For example: names of flowers, names of animals, names of fruits, etc. The students write one name for each paper. Collect all paper.
    3. Teacher makes some drawings that resemble UNO game, such as draw two, skip, reverse in some piece of paper.
    4. Shuffle all paper.
    5. All students will get three or four pieces of paper in random category.
    6. The first student who puts the paper down the table will produce a sentence. “The durian smells good”.
    7. The second student must take a paper with the same category: fruit. She/ he will produce a sentence: “The kiwi tastes as sweet as durian”.
    8. The third student puts his paper, saying: “The apple is not as cheap as kiwi” play with all paper the students get, if they don’t have any similar category of the topic, they can draw a card from the pile. If he/ she gets UNO signs, they can use it as a savior.
    9. The next student will have a new topic to discuss, such as animal.
    10. Do similar steps as mentioned above.

    Previous thing you must do is provide as many adjective as possible so that the students will get no difficulty to produce a sentence. But, give a condition before playing the game, they cannot use the same adjective in succession. Provide punishment if necessary.
    Good luck

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