Jung Daehyun

Written by Wiem Khalifa
Higher Intermediate 2/ 2014

Most people who like K-Pop usually have their ultimate bias (favorite group member) in their favorite boy or girl band. in my case, I have fallen for Jung Daehyun, one of B. A. D's members. He has a very sharp jaw-line and plump lips. His eyes are rounded and when he smiles, his face will be fullbof wrinkles,  which for me, look very cute. Since he is the main vocalist of the group,  he has really impressive and amazing voice. He has a great power in singing especially when it comes to high-notes, The record that he has made was when he reached the nine octaves. Besides, his color of his voice is different from other singers. Pass his good looking face and singing skills, he is a boyfriend material. He can be a really caring boyfriend since he knows a lot how to treat a girl well. He has a good sense of huor and is so talkative. He is also a well-mannered person. I also love his fashion sense. He can dress wellin casual way and match his image. He also like cooking and playing with children. So, I see his a good father already. If I could, I would marry him :D

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