My first time being an ASOV dancer

     It happened for about a week ago when I took part of ASOV modern dance. I joined ASOV for basketball competition or also known as DBL.

     At the first time, I tried to enroll myself in Bulan Bahasa dance competition at school. When the occasion came in, my group was pretty fabulous. So, our trainer offered us to join ASOV as a dance match. Well, we were in a quandary whether we dealed it. Because ASOV came from many towns such as Bandung, Salatiga, Demak, etc. At last, we accepted the offer. Day went by, we improved our abilities and dance style. We chose a hip-hop dance. We practiced everyday without rest. Because we had only about 4 to 5 days left until the opening show. We worked harder and harder and we kept improve our moves. In other side, we were very confused for choosing the costumes. However,  our basket team would play for some rounds and so would the dancers. Time flew by so quickly, we were getting closer to the event. My classmate and I were the two oldest members, so, we had more full obligity. We were looking for the costumes and even we borrowed from other friends.

     Eventually, the event came in. We had to get ready for the opening first. We showed our best performance and tried to defeat our rivals. Until our basket team's turn, we were sweating. Our rivals were from another town that I thought their performances were truly incredible. At last, I had to be proud because we had shown our best. I think that was one of my worth experience. The first time I performed in plenty audiences. I was proud of myself and my team as well.

By Berlina
HI 2/ Term 4/ 2013

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