Teaching Tic Tac Toe with pictures

Written by Ms. Lala

It’s been a while I teach using Tic Tac Toe game in my class. But it never crossed my mind that I could use pictures to make the game more fun. For all this time, I only used traditional way of tic tac toe to make students memorize certain verbs or vocabulary. 

What you need to do first is make sure what language point you want to focus on. In this posting, I’d like to share what I did in my class. The focus was expressions of asking and giving opinions about kinds of dances. 

1.       Prepare pictures of kinds of dances. There should be 9 different dances. For example: Korean Fan dance, Mexican folk dance, American Square Dance, Greek line dance, waltz, jazz, hip hop, tap and ballet.
2.       Pair the students. Each pair gets one set of cards. Pile them on the table. 

3.       Each student in the pair should decide what emoticon they would use: O. X,
4.       First student takes turn. He asks “What do you think about Greek line dance?” while taking the card with Greek line dance on it. The second student should reply “ I think Greek line dance is exciting. The first student then continues asking “ Would you like to learn how to Greek line dance?” the second student will respond “Sure, I would.
5.       After finishing question and answer, the first student will draw the emoticon he chooses. He puts it on the table. He can choose the position of the card, in the middle, in top right or in the bottom right or left.
6.       Repeat the procedures in turn. Don’t forget to remind the students to try to block each other so their partner won’t win easily :D
7.       If nobody wins since the competition goes so tight, they can repeat the procedures by erasing the emoticon or using different ones to save time. The more they play, the more drilling they do in asking and giving opinions about dances.
8.       Good luck :D

The above the procedures can be done with different language points or vocabulary a teacher wants to focus on. If you don’t have enough time to searc the pictures and print them, you can just write down the vocabulary on the paper. Don’t forget to drill the expressions first so that the students won’t be too dependent on the book or expression written on the board. 

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