Unforgettable Experience: Surprising Experience

by Agung Cahyadi

            When I was 11th grade, I joined computer extra curricular. There were 2 kinds of computer extra curricular program. The first program was  programing and the second was graphic design. And I chose graphic design. Because I like operating CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop. The member was from 10th grade until 11th grade. Every Thursday we always came to this extra curricular.

            One day, there was a competition from Unisbank. The competition was packaging design. Participants had to make design for food package. The students of Unisbank informed to my school. And my teacher agreed to join that competition.

            After that, my teacher formed two groups. Each group was consisted by three students. Two students were members of graphic design, and one student was member of journalist extra curricular, because journalist could make sentences as good as possible.

            First selection was online selection. My work was sent to their e-mail. After that, the last selection would be held in Unisbank. Before starting the last selection, there was seminar about packaging design and announcing the ten best works. The ten participants who entered the top ten, would be selected again.

            Two teams had worked hard. There was junior in each team. I had to teach him because he was a bit green. He didn’t know much about CorelDRAW. And then we made the design hurriedly. It was deadline. Sometimes, I was blue in the face because we had to finish our work and sent it immediately. After we finished, we would send our work.
             The next day, my teacher informed us that our works were not eligible. And then both of us were not selected. But we were registered in that competition so that we came for the Seminar, and we didn’t bring anything.

            On that day, we came to the competition. There were so many competitors. They were from various schools. And they had prepared all. On the other hand, our group, there was no preparation at all. We just sat and heard the Seminar.

            After Seminar was announcing the top ten. The host had announced one by one. But, there were participants who didn’t come. Suddenly, my group was mentioned by host. It was surprising. I was white with terror. My group didn’t prepare it. I didn’t know what to do. What should we do?

            And then, my group made a powerpoint as soon as possible. Luckily, I brought the files in my flash disk. We made it in black and white. After break time, we would compete the competition.

            One by one, The competitors performed. They showed the best performance. They used good animation, and real sample. It made me turn green with envy. It was great. While my group, it was ordinary performance and no real sample. How embarrassing I was. 

            Finally, My group didn’t get the first, second, or the third place. We  just got on the top ten. That was a red-letter day though. Although My group was in top ten,  it had made my school happy. A few days my Headmaster gave congratulation to my group. I was so happy. Every cloud has silver lining. Even though we found difficulty, it will get better eventually.

Agung Cahyadi P.
HI - 2

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