• Unforgettable Experience: Malioboro

    By: Berlina
    Intermediate 2

    A year ago, my friends and I were on vacation. Our destination was Jogja. We got there by bus. We had some places to visit.

    Malioboro is a place that reminded me about my horrible evening. Malioboro is like a traditional market which sells so many souvenirs, knick-knacks, typical foods and many more. We arrived in Malioboro about 7 P.M. As a market in many cases, Malioboro is really crowded. It is such a risky place, because many people are warned to be careful especially with what they bring. However, as a crowded place, it is easy for a thief to steal visitor's money.

    My friends and I strolled through the side walk. We headed to the bus to go home as soon as possible. But, something unexpected happened. There was a man who walked the opposite direction with me. He stepped a fast-paced. Until he almost bumped into me and my friend as well. I avoided him. But, my only friend shouted to him while he was walking further. Unfortunately, the man turned around and shouted obscenities at us. And worse, the man ran to us and tried to catch us. Immediately, we ran as fast as we could. I glanced and I saw that the man still chased us. My friends and I didn't remember so clearly where the bus was parked. Sooner, we fled from the mysterious man and found our bus and got into the bus quickly. I sighed but still my heart was pounding.

    I wondered if the man was drunk or unconscious, so, when someone chatted to him he see red and even he couldn't control his emotion. Lucky me, I got into the bus. Soon the bus left for Semarang. Although, I was like in trauma, but I enjoyed the trip.

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