Unforgettable Experience: Being Hospitalized

by Yusril Isra Frasetya

Last year I was feeling very healthy. I’d really like to go out at night, find some food and sometimes I take a walk around Simpang 5 or motorcycling through the town. But then, in the next 6 months my condition started to drop slowly. I didn’t really care of my condition at that time I just lived my life happily. 

In July I got a fever and my school mark dropped because of my bad condition. First I thought that it was just a simple fever but a week later the fever followed by a bad cough. I always felt nauseous, I threw up frequently. My parent had a bad feeling about this, but I insisted that this wasn’t a serious disease.

At  the end of July I joined an economy Olympiad at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, though I was feeling sick. At the first round in the morning I was feeling fine until the end of the competition even though I didn’t win the competition. I was happy because I got the experience. After I came back into the inn the sense of excitement was gone.  I was feeling so weak, tired until I couldn’t stand up. My lung felt extremely sore at that time. Actually I was planning to go back to Semarang the day after but I couldn’t stand my condition so I went back at night and arrived at 11PM. 

The next day I went to Telogorejo Hospital and was examined by the doctor. The doctor said that I had to be hospitalized. My parent and I were very shocked.  I had a pleura effusive, this is my first time to be hospitalized.

Two days later after my condition was stable. I underwent a pulmonary surgery to secrete the water in my right lung. After the surgery I stayed up for 3 days, my friend, my parent’s co-workers visited me, at the fifth day at the hospital I was allowed to go home.

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