Unforgettable Experience: At Jatim Park

By: Arin Oktaviani S 
Higher Intermediate 2
Last holiday my family and I went to Jatim Park 2. It is a recreational place that is located on Malang, East Java. When I started to go inside the Jatim Park 2, I saw some dolls showing about cultures from Indonesia or other countries.  In the next section, I saw a lot of tame and wild animals. And I was very interested when I saw flamingo birds that I have never seen before. That was my unforgettable experience. They looked so cute. But I passed the reptile section because I was afraid. 

After we walked around long enough, my family and I decided to take a rest for a while. We had our lunch in food court that was surrounded by animals. Although they were kept in their own stable, but it still made us feel that we had a lunch with the animals. And I love this place, because it gave us different sensation. After we finished our lunch, we continued to walk around. I saw some parrots, and they were so beautiful. Their beauty made me want to take some pictures with them. And finally, their keeper let me take a picture with one of them. At first, I thought the parrot was light. But when he was perching on my shoulder, he was heavy enough.

Then, there was a section where we could feed animals. However, we had to wait for a long queue before we could get in. And in here the most unforgettable experience happened. Before we got in the train, we bought some vegetables for the animals. And, when my family and I finally sat on the train, I thought it would be fun and exciting. When the train began to move and start to get closer to the animals, I gave some of my vegetables to them. I really enjoyed it. But when we arrived in camel section, those camels held out their necks until their heads got in to the train. Maybe they did that to get more vegetables from us. I was afraid, but it was looked funny too. Although I was afraid, finally I gave them some vegetables. After the train stopped, I felt so relieved. That activity was not only fun but also terrifying. But I loved and enjoyed it. After that we saw penguin show. They were so smart. 

After we bought some drinks to relieve our thirst because we felt so tired, we decided to go back to the hotel. This trip was so exhausting but we felt happy and fun too after doing this trip. And this moment is my unforgettable experience.

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