Maturity Doesn’t Depend on Someone’s Age

  by Fediyah Weningtyas
Higher Interemdiate 2
Everyone must get older and grow up. However, not all people grow up. There are many people around us who just get older without growing up. Age is just a matter of number, but the important thing is someone has to grow up and be mature. I believe that maturity doesn’t  depend on someone’s age.
Mature is a condition when someone has to be more responsible, more respectful and also more open-minded. Everyone who says that someone will be mature at the age of 17 is definitely wrong. Age is just a matter of number while maturity is something which can’t be measured by number. Someone’s maturity can be seen from his/her attitude and action. If someone’s is responsible, have a good attitude and confident, he/she must be already mature.

There are still many people aged over 17 around us who just can manage themselves wisely. For example, someone who has already 20 but he just can’t manage time and everything wisely. Maturity is the capability of managing anger without being emotional. When someone is good at managing himself well, he is already mature.
From the reasons listed above, it is clear that maturity doesn’t depend on someone’s age. It is much better if you grow up and also be mature. No one can measure your maturity, but it can be seen drom your attitude and your way in making decision. Stay young and go mature.

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