Maximizing Students' Learning Through Classroom Technology - Little Finder on iPad

by Ms. Nina Septina

Regarding the technology I use in class, I mainly use an iPad to motivate and engage students to the lesson. Mobile device such as smartphones and tablets in Indonesia are mushrooming but there are still very few who use an iPad for teaching. Therefore, playing it for any class activities can serve as another Wow factor for the students. 

There are numerous fun, educative apps that can be downloaded for free, and I use one of them to conduct a class quiz in my children class. It's called "Little Finder". This is a game app that helps enrich students vocabulary and retain those words into memory. And the fun part is this game can be played by 2 players at the same time and on the same device, making it possible for both players to compete for the scores in the real time interaction. 

Playing this game, students have to select the right pictures (among many other ones) for the vocabulary mentioned within the time limit that we can set before the game. The player with the higher score gets the chance to answer the teacher's questions to collect more points for their group. Students are so enthusiastic, so the class duration seems really short. This then gives more colours to our class routines and creates a lively atmosphere.

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