Written by Yoana Dianika 
Reviewed by: Namira Aulia

Callysta must move to New York to forget her past about her ex and study there. When she moved to New York, she met a boy named Vesper Skyller. Vesper....someone who is in love with all about astronomy. Hallowen in New York? Umm Not bad. Ah! Callysta also met Claire. Claire is a beautiful horse that made Vesper and Callysta in love each other! 

My favorite part is when Vesper teased Callysta in Hallowen! Oh i can't imagine how cute that is. When i read it, I felt like I was actually in New York with Callysta and Vesper! The story has a lot of details and feeling in it.
I recommend this book to people who love fiction and romance. I would recommend this book for teens who are in 13-15 years old

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