BOOK REVIEW: For One More Day

Written by Mitch Albom
Reviewed by Shofie Alya

How do you feel when you lose someone that means everything for you? That's what happened to Charley, an ex-baseball player.
someday, he found himself so lost when his mother passed away. He tried to kill himself. But, when he finally had a chance to meet his mother for one more day, what will he do? Find the answer in this book! You will not regret it! If you like Drama, This book is just for you.

I really like this story because this story brings many emotions of sad, mad, scared, and sympathy. When i read it, i felt like i was actually in the story because it has a lot of details, and feelings in it. Once you read it, you will never put the book down! And, well.... This book can make you remember the person you love, Remind you to always be by her/his side while you have a chance.

Well, i'd like to recommend this book to anyone who ikes drama. Really, you'd find a sensation of complication feelings between sadness, madness, and depression!

Happy reading!^^

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