Book Review: Danny the Champion of the World

Written by Roald Dahl
Reviewed by M. Prayoga Iwanda

Danny really like his own father, but there are so many surprises when he know that his father is once a criminal! Teenagers sometimes break the rules, but Danny knows that his father is nice, loving, smart, and full of fun ideas.
So now he was in an amazing adventure with his dad when they will do a dangerous plan to fool Mr. Hazell who is really evil.
I like this story because it has full of excitement, adventure, good story, so you never want put the book down! This story is good for reading over and over! This is really a page-turning novel, so you really want to know how is the ending of the novel.
I recommend this story who is full of curiosity. This book is for every boys and girls because there is nothing about what girl like, and boy like. I would recommend this story for kids who are 6-10 years old.

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