• Book Review: Eiffel, Tolong!

    Written by Clio Freya
    Reviewed by Hana Arinalmuna F.

    One day, Fay will go to France for a holiday and follow her mother who happened to be on duty there for two weeks. However, her mother was suddenly assigned to Brazil. Finally, Fay went to France and stayed for two weeks with the agenda to the summer taking a course to learn the French language. Over the next two weeks,  Fay stayed around Rue de Boulle Street with and Celine (home owners) who has a business selling new and second novel. After she arrived at Jacque's home. There, Fay is offered for breakfast and she immediately eats it. After that, Fay took a rest for a while and then she went to the Eiffel Tower Street with at 11. After arriving at the Eiffel Tower, she opened a sandwich lunch that brought by Celine and suddenly there was a man who kidnapped her and asked Fay to pretend to be a Malaysian girl who named Seena. Over time, Fay was kidnapped by a man who named Kent who likes her. Kent is a very handsome man, he is the nephew of the kidnappers. eventually, Fay likes Kent. But, when she attended a course to learn the French language, there is a man who named is Reno. Reno likes Fay, and long-time Reno know if  Kent likes Fay and then Reno openly opposed the relationship of  Fay and Kent.

    Want to know what's going to happen on the continuation of the story? Find out by reading the novel goes above entitled "Eiffel, Tolong!"

    I love this story because the book and this book story because the book has a very interesting story and has a message if we cannot easily believe with others. Atmosphere and style of the language contained in the story could take us to heaven as if to fly together with a people who love us without us knowing it hahaha. If you read this book and you'll definitely want to live it and want to read it again.

    I reccomended this story for teenagers who has age 12-15 years are easily got carried away the story of the novel.

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