Bad Experience

Subject: My terrible experience

Dear Etra,
How are you? I terribly miss you. Well, I just had a bad experience a week ago. I was in public transportation when my money was stolen.
I wanted to buy a new album of Greyson Chance, since it was lau8nched a month ago. I really want it, but unfortunately my parents were really busy. So, I decided to go to the music store by public transportation. It wasn’t really crowded. There were just me, an old woman and two guys. But the two guys were really suspicious looking. I watched them but they just talked to each other. So, I didn’t look at them anymore. I was really sleepy at that time. Suddenly these two guys got off from public transportation. I felt relieved. But when I arrived, all of my money was gone. I was about to cry because I can’t buy Greyson chance’s album. I even didn’t have money to pay for the public transportation. Luckily, the driver was really kind and let me go without paying. I went home by taxi and my sibling paid it for me. So, did you ever have a bad experience like me? Share it.


Written by Alda Winona Zahra
ET 8/ Term 3/ 2013

Subject: My Bad experience

Dear Fira,

Hi, Fira, how are you? I’m fine in here. Now I live in Banding, West Java
You know, yesterday, I had a terrible experience when I went to extracurricular class. Suddenly, there were 3 big guys approached me. They dressed in black and they brought a sharp knife. Then they asked me for some money. I said I didn’t have money. But, they didn’t believe it. They grabbed my bad and opened it. After that, they threw my bag and said that I’m poor. I was so glad because I didn’t bring money and I wasn’t beaten up or killed. Because of the incident, I will never walk alone again. That’s all my friend. Write me back soon, will you?

Written by :Dewinta
ET 8/ Term 8/ 2013

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