• Recipes to be a Winner

     There are so many successful persons in this world. We can see like Barack Obama and George W Bush, they are winners from politics competition. Definitely, they have their own recipes to be a winner. And in my opinion, there are 10 recipes to be a winner.

    First, we have to be brave to take the blame. When we decide something important, we must be brave enough to take any consequences. Second, we shouldn’t be too long in a quandary when some choices confusing us because it can waste our time. Third, we have to alter our destiny. We must do some efforts to be a winner. Then, we must have deep conviction. We must believe in ourselves that we can be winners. Dare to be different must be written in this recipes. Be different isn't always bad. And maybe, be different can change your life. Then, we have to take steps forward, because if we never get anywhere can alienate us to be a winner. And then, we have to use our growth to chance to be a winner. Then, try not to lose our moment of truth. And also, remember to take the credit of our struggles. And the last but not the least, we must have the winner's edge.

    Therefore, in order to be a winner we have to do 10 recipes above. If we do those recipes, I'm sure we can be winners.

    By Arin Oktaviani
    HI 1/h Term 3/ 2013


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