Winners or Losers


            I keep wondering about people’s effort to be successful. Or how do they manage their times? Many people in every single country becomes the winners. People can learn some easy recipes to be a great winner just how they order their steps well.

            To be a winner is a conviction from ourselves. From our thoughts, we have to believe in ourselves that we can dare to be different if we don’t want to face too many adversities continuously. In most cases we are in a quandary when choosing some choices, if it is good for the future. We have to step forward to alter our destiny bravely. Life is always risky, and we must be brave to take the blame at the beginning. The way to success takes some failure but if you give up you will never get anywhere. If we doubt ourselves, it means we lost in advance. We just need to be patient until the moment of truth comes by itself.  Successful people never get their success instantly and they will not leave their growth to chance.\

            In brief, being a winner is a persistent thought. How strong  is our hope if we don’t make any move it will be nothing. These easy ways bring you to take the credit and having winner’s edge.

By : Berlina Setyowati / 
HI-1/ Term 3/ 2013

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