Pipiot’s Treasure

 “Oh, my God! Are you crazy?” shouted Reyna to Ardhi. She’s very angry to Ardhi now.
“Well, I’m not,” said Ardhi easily after what he didi. “Can you just pick me up in this scary graveyard? My battery’s getting low?” Ardhi continued.
“We wouldn’t pick you up, dhi! Graveyard? What the hell are you doing there?” Punto took Reyna’s phone. He got angry, too.
“Aha! How if I say that I found a treasure map here? Ardhi smiled. He knew that Punto would be excited.
“No!” Punto said firmly.

“What?! A treasure map? We’ll be there in 30 minutes,” Punto ended the call.
30 minutes later…
Punto and Reyna ran toward Ardhi. As Ardhi said, the graveyard was scary. There were just two lamps in the gate. The streets were dirty as if it never cleaned. It was a grave of exiles in the dutch period. So many unidentified bodies. Cricket voice sounded like an orchestra for those three children.
“and? Where is it?” asked Punto. He asked about the map, of course. Ardhi showed dull sheet on his hand to Punto. Actually, Ardhi wasn’t sure that the sheet that he just found was a map treasure. That’s not a map. That’s just complicated sentences. But, how else could Ardhi pick it up? He accidentally got into this scary graveyard. The was drunk when he walked there. He fell down in front of the fate and he woke up with that sheet., then he called Reyna.
“Hello, lost people! Ask for help to the sun god and leave this kingdom.” Punto read the sentence.
“Damn! You called it a map?” shouted Punto. He threw the map away.
“You really think I found a map in a graveyard? Crazy! Now, please bring me home!” said Ardhi. Punto was very disappointed. He stared at Ardhi. He couldn’t believe Ardhi cheated him. He clenched his right hand and his left hand grabbed Ardhi’s collar shirt. He was ready to hit Ardhi on his face.
“Wait, it may be a map. I mean, a clue,” Reyna put the sheet down. Punto’s creepy stare turned to Reyna. And Reyna said quickly. “Seriously,” she made Punto’s creepy stare turned into Punto’s wondering stare.
“This is a grave of exilein  Dutch period, right? long time ago, there was a queen named Pipiot. She named herself as Sun God, a child of sun god. So maybe in her grave, there is a treasure or treasure.” She explained.
“oh my God… Who cares? Come on, just go home.” Ardhi seemed to regret his foolishness for telling that sheet to Reyna and Punto.
“Great! Now, let’s find Pipiot,” Punto smiled.
“How?” asked Reyna.
“We dig it!” Punto showed his hoe that he brought from home.
“We? Do it yourself, man..” said Ardhi and Reyna. Punto showed Reyna’s key. Hahaha… how tricky..
“We wouldn’t find it!” shouted Reyna. Punto dug the 33rd grave, while Ardhi seemed like thinking. Except Punto, they sat down in the grave stone.
That sheet says, we have to leave,” said Reyna
“Yep, after asking the sun god,” said Punto.
“Guys, is it a grave since the beginning?” asked Adhi.
“Of course,” answered Reyna.
“Doesn’t the special one get the special thing, too? How if “Pipiot got the the best grave here? The best grave here is…….this!!!” Ardhi pointed a grave which looked different from others, especially the gravestone. The sun ornament graven in the corner of a gravestone.
“Stuoid!? Said Reyna.
“Move” Punto pushed Reyna away. He dug more quickly.
“Calm, bro,” shouted Punto. After digging the garve , there was nothing there.
“What?” shouted Punto. Reyna suddenly got a paper and put it on the ground. She read it.
“This ismy kingdom. My treasure. Go, leave it, stupid.”
And with that awful, sentence, they left the graveyard. Oh, Pipiot just wanted to mock some people who were greedy and blind for treasure. Hahaha…
Written by: By Shofie Alya
ET 10/ Term 3/ 2013

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