• My First Day At School

    This time I wouldn’t tell you about my first day at school as a new student of senior high school, but I wan to tell you about my first day at school as a sophomore or we can call it as ‘senior’. It happened about a year ago when there was an event called ‘MOS’. MOS is an event for new students in a school. The purpose is to introduce the school teachers, school facilities and school rules. It also functions to recognize the seniors and juniors.

    I joined an extracurrular, Paskibraka. When my school held MOS, the Paskibraka members should give participation in PBB section. All of new students should follow the section by doing the instruction from Paskibraka members. The instruction is about marching like army troops.

    It was my first time to lead many people. I felt that I was still green in this activity.. I was afraid if I can’t do my tasks perfectly and better than other students. But I wouldn’t be a yellow streak—or a coward. I think, if my friends can face the challenge, why I can’t do the same thing? I think this event is also once in a blue moon. So, u should do my best, because maybe there won’t be the second chance.

    Firstly, I was a little bit nervous to lead my junior, but I got a partner that accompanied me to give them instruction when I explained the tasks about what the meaning of Paskibra is, all of my juniors were very busy with themselves. When I asked them to listen to me, they still didn’t listen to me. I thought I saw red at this time, but I tried to keep calm.

    Next, when I finished my explanation, my partner asked a lot of questions about the materials. But nobody could answer the questions. After that, I told them once again, but still they didn’t understand. I felt blue in the face. I think I felt like teaching a baby to read a book.

    Then, I was a little bit angry to them. But I never gave up. I explained the materials again by using simpler words. Not only the definition, but I also I gave many examples about things I explained. And finally, all of my juniors understood . I felt happu because I could pass the job.

    Finally, I know the feeling of my teachers of I never give attention to them. Being ignored is a  bad feeling I ever had. After that, I promised that I will listen to my teachers and give them full attention when they are teaching. That’s my story and my experience when I became a senior in my first day of school.

    Written by: Devia Cahya Nugrahati
    HI 2/ Term 2/ 2013

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