Studying overseas doesn’t guarantee a bright future

Do you believe that studying abroad guarantee a bright future? I don’t think so. I believe that we can have a bright future as long as we have two qualities.

First quality is perseverance. When we face failure in our life, many people decided to surrender. But we must know that many people become successful because they try and try again every time they get failures. And finally they reach what they want or their goals. For example: Thomas Alfa Edison met more than 2000 failures in his experiment to create a bubble lamp. But with perseverance, he finally made it.

Second quality is discipline. We have to be tough and work hard to reach our goals. We must abandon people who didn’t believe in us. For example, many people didn’t  believe that Bill Gates can make something that automatically can help human solve their problems in technology, but then finally he finished creating computer program.

So, I think we cannot guarantee a bright future only by studying overseas on top rank universities. As long as we don’t have 2 qualities above we cannot reach our goals.  But when we have the 2 qualities, even we study only in state university in Indonesia, which is not a top rank university. I believe that we can make our dreams come true. Well, but when we have those 2 qualities and opportunity to study overseas, especially the one with scholarship, why not take the chance? We can absorb more intelligence in overseas top universities. Therefore, we can help our country to improve the facilities. Last but not least, you can choose the best way for yourself, right?

Written by: Rivanda Fadhila
Intermediate 4/ Term 2/ 2013

Nowadays, many students want to study overseas. They think if they study overseas, they will get a better education. Besides there are many scholarship advertisements offered. There are many ways to study overseas now. But does it guarantee you a better future? I don’t think so. Studying overseas doesn’t guarantee you a bright future.

Studying overseas needs a long preparation. Those who want to study overseas; they have to prepare money, student visa, passport, travel check, and also the language skills, especially English. Studying overseas doesn’t guarantee you a bright future. It depends on the personality in each person. Many people don’t get a bright future by studying overseas because they can’t compete with many students in the entire world. They pass the requirements and have been selected but their preparation might not be enough.  Sometimes, they don’t know what they should do there. They might forget the purpose for studying overseas that make them can’t compete with other students. They can prepare their physical but preparing mental is another problem.

Second, I think our country, Indonesia, still has many colleges to be choosen. Take for example, University of Indonesia and Gajah Mada university. Those universities have a good background and well known in the world. They also have International program that give you a lecture just like if you’re studying overseas. So you can get the same education in your country with the less cost. Why not? I think Indonesia still can be a choice to get a better education. 

From the reasons listed above, I think it is clear that studying doesn’t guarantee you a bright future. It depends on yourself. Having a bright future is a choice. You have to optimistic wherever you got to school, you can get a better education and also a bright future, no matter what. 

Written by: Fadiyah Weningtyas
Intermediate 4/ Term 2/ 2013


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