• Things More Important Than Money

    Do you believe that a very rich person is happier than normal person? Do you believe that money is the most important thing in this world? If you believe it, well, it’s okay. But, I don’t think so. There are many  things more than money,

    The first thing is happiness. In this world, we cannot buy happiness. How can we earn happiness? That is the question probably every rich person asking about. Well, happiness cannot be purchased but happiness can be built. Every time we reach our goal, we will be happy. That is the thing that rich person doesn’t really realize.

    Another thing is family. Family is an important thing to everyone in this world. With family, e cn build happiness, and also when we are sad, unhappy, there’s family to cheer us up. When we are in a hard situation, family can help and support us. 

    There are many other things more important than money. There are many people out there who are not rich, but many of them are happier than the rich because they have acquired happiness in their life and also family who support them. many rich people do not care about their family because they think that “the most important this is myself”. 

    In conclusion, there are many things more important and cannot be acquired by money. Unfortunately, there are still many people think that money is the most important in life so they fight for it. It’s true that money is important to our life, but remember it is not the most important thing. 

    by Rivanda Fadhila
    Intermediate 4/ Term 2/ 2013
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    1. This post teaches things more important than money that a family is more important to teach family and despite being poor or abandoned on the streets but we still have a family.(SATRIA TRISTYANTA YUDHISTIRA,INT-3)



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