• Tic Tac Game

    by Ms. Dyah Yustama

    Tic Tac game is a kind of game that can be used as a review or as practice. This game is very easy to play and it needs simple preparations too. As a result it is very useful for teachers who get little time to prepare their lesson plans. This game is inspired from the children game tic tac too which the main objective is to create a line which can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal on a board. So, basically this is like a game board. This game also supports student-student interaction as they can work together to accomplish the objective.

    How to play the game:

    1.       Prepare 16 or 25 questions depending on the numbers of boxes that will be used to play.
    2.       Draw the boxes on the whiteboard.
    3.       Divide the students into several groups.
    4.       Ask each group to choose the name of the group and a symbol that represents the group.
    5.       Each group must shout their group names when they can answer the question represents each box, when the answer is correct, the teacher will draw the symbol of the group on the box. (it is also possible to use the collaborative learning, such as by giving each student in each group a new name or number, so when the teacher calls out a name or number, only the students with the certain number or name can answer the questions)
    6.       The first group which can create a vertical/ horizontal/ diagonal line is the winner. When there is no group that cannot create any line, the winner will be determined on the number of symbols on the boxes. The group with the most symbols will win the game. 
  • 1 comment:

    1. wow its a great game! its can educate the team works to accomplish the objective to win the game



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