• Body Piercing

    What do you think about body piercing? For a girl, body piercing is good to be used in earrings, but for a boy, body piercing is not needed. I'd say that because many boys have piercing now. And i have three reasons about the function of body piercing. First, i think body piercing  is only used for earrings. So, for boys, it is not important to do that.  Second, boys make body piercing that makes him look stylish and trendy. I think stylish can be seen from the outfit. So, body piercing is not needed for boys. If boys want to be looked stylish, they can wear watch, tie, etc. So, the conclusion is body piercing is not boys.

    Written by: Kinanthi Ramadhani
    Intermediate 1/ Term 1/ 2013

    1. I don't really agree about that text. I think either girl or boy should not use body piercing. Because body piercing is kind of vandalism. And there are many risk of using body piercing for the girl or the boy and show bad outlook in front of people.

    2. I agree with the post, because women thought that men looks gentlemen and cool when he do body piercing. However, many ways to looks cool and interesting, such as wearing trendy shoes, stylish watch and casual cloth (hepi/intermediate 3)

    3. I agree with the post.because it really is a special body piercing in the ear used mostly women but there are some women who wear bodypiercing not in the ear but in the other limb. bodypiercing wear in addition to the ear can create the impression that someone evil to others.(SATRIA TRISTYANTA YUDHISTIRA / INT-3)



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