• A Letter for A Troubled Friend

    Dear Ricky,

    Im sorry to hear your problem. It is such a big problem for you. I know you dont feel confident now. But you mustnt worry about it. I'll help you with my advice. Aybe it is not a great advice, but will you please listen? Here we go.

    I've seen such problems as yours many times. It proves that many children feel the same situation with you. Actually all you need to do is not to give up easily. Just that. You don't need to have a revenge to your friends who bully you. "Wearing glasses at school is not something bad. Mocking friends is bad, even horrible". Say it to your friends. If i were you, i would not give up on that kind of thing. I believe God will help us. You must believe that God already prepares a happy ending for you.

    Yeah, i think that's all my advice. Remember, no one can ruin your spirit now. Your spirit is unbreakable now. Everytime you get tears, just remember my words. I hope it will make you better. See ya

    Written by Evan Putra
    Comet 1/ Term 1/ 2013
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