• Stories of My Dog

    Subject: smart Bolt

    Hello, Nam!
    Nm, I’ve an idiot story. Last holiday, I visited Bandung with my family. I slept in my aunt’s house. My aunt has a dog. Its name is Bolt. Bolt is a poodle dog. He loves to play and run everyday. One day, my aunt went to market with my parents. I had to keep Bolt. When the time showed 12.00 pm. I felt hungry, so I went to McDonald with Bolt. Because Bolt was very stinky, so I left him outside. I bought lunch and then I went home. But then, I realized that Bolt was left in McDonald. I ran to the place, and I looked for him. But Bolt wasn’t there. I asked to the security and finally Bolt was there. The security told me that Bolt reported to the security with his language, and the security got confused. He kept Bolt in his office. I felt relieved and spontaneously I jumped lifting Bolt and turned around. The security looked at us with a strange face and other customers in McDonald laughed. I felt so shy and then I went home. Thank God, my aunt has a smart dog. 

    Ok, bye, Nam. Reply my email and don’t forget to tell me the idiot story like mine. 

    Written by: Desty Nabila
    ET6/ Term 3/ 2012

    Subject: Did you care

    Dear Rey, my master
    Do you remember when you invited me to have a walk. I was really really glad , after 2 weeks I was bored at home. Finally, we went to a park but I found that you went there just to show to your girlfriend that you have a pet, too. You love animal but we didn’t play at all when we were in the park. You just talked to your girlfriend . I was jealous, you know. 

    So, I walked away and found a bone. I realized that I haven’t got my lunch so I took it. But then I was really shocked when someone was catching me. I was trying to go but I couldn’t. the man was too strong to me. I didn’t know what he wanted. Luckily the mas stumbled when he was running.  So, I ran away quickly. I ran with all my might. I didn’t have any idea where I was. I was so tired. 

    Rey, did you care? or you still talk to your girlfriend? And didn’t realize I was lost? Rey, would try to find me? 

    After I lay on the grass I started walking again. I went to the police office, and asked for help. But it’s useless. They didn’t know what I mean. I just said gukgukguk” so I left the police office.

    But then I got a brilliant ide to steal this phone just to write this email using the phone. It’s weird. Do you get confused? Me, too.I don’t know how I suddenly could write an email with human language. I just want you to try to find me. I don’t have any idea where I am. But, I’m still in front of a bookstore now
    I miss you, Rey. I’m hungry. Find me soon

    Written by:  Shofie Alya
    ET 6/ Term 3/ 2012

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