Activities/ Games for ET 6 Class

by Ms. Anna dh
1.        Pick-a-Penne Race

ET6 – STAR 2 – L4  – More Active, More Confident – Pick-a-Penne Game

·         Spread penne with numbers/color coding on the table. Each color has a corresponding question they must answer.  Questions will be read later by the teacher.
·         Divide the group into two teams. Give time e.g. 3 minutes. In 3 minutes they must compete to take as many pieces of penne as they can. One player bites a spaghetti string, uses it to pick one piece of penne on the table and brings it to his/her group’s table. Another player continues, like in relay race.
·         After time is up and some penne is collected, teacher reads the questions according to the color. They must answer all questions they have taken. The team who can answer all questions wins the race.

What does your body produce when you have many activities? (sweat)
How does your scalp feel if you wash your hair twice a month? (itch)
What will you get if you brush your teeth every two days? (tooth cavity)
Mention 3 activities to keep your scalp healthy!
Mention 3 activities to care for your dental health!
Mention 3 activities to get keep your body fresh!
Dirty face may cause this problem. (acne)
Dirty mouth may cause this problem. (tooth cavity)
Dirty body may cause this problem. (body odor)
What toiletries do you use to get clean hair?
What toiletries do you use to get healthy teeth?
What toiletries do you use to get healthy skin?
What do you need to avoid when you’ve got dandruff?
What do you need to avoid when you’ve got head lice?
What do you need to avoid when you’ve got body odor?
What should you consume to have healthy eyes? (vitamin A)
What should you apply to have healthy skin? (sunscreen)
What should you drink to have healthy teeth? (milk)

2.       Dino Boy

ET6 – STAR 2 – L3 – A Visit to a New World Wonder  – Dino Boy Game
·         The class is divided into two groups: Stone Shooter Team and Mr. Memory Team.
·         One Shooter member rolls the ball to hit the stone pile. If he/she can hit and break the pile, he may challenge one Memory member to answer a question.
·         Another Shooter member will rearrange the stone pile as fast as he/she can. The Memory member must compete with him/her to finish mentioning 10 items before all stones are reestablished into a pile. The group that finishes first gets ten points. Repeat the procedure.

1.       Mention 10 things you need to prepare before traveling.
2.       Mention 10 types of food and drink you should bring during travel.
3.       Mention 10 means of transportation people use to travel.
4.       Mention 10 historical travel destinations in Indonesia.
5.       Mention 10 things to avoid when traveling.
6.       Mention 10 activities you must do during travel.
7.       Mention 10 activities you must not do when visiting a historical site.
8.       Mention 10 historical sites outside Indonesia.

← show the questions to the student from the easiest to the harder ones

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